Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 Years

Four years ago today Isaac took me on our first date.  He claims he knew we'd be engaged 6 weeks later and married 19 months later, but who knows?!  :)  That night, we enjoyed dinner and Nim's Island at Star Cinema.  Leave it to me to pick the kid movie on our first date!  It really is a cute movie, but the book is good too.

Since we don't get to celebrate our 'dating anniversary' every year (Leap Year!), we decided to use the last of the Christmas gift cards and go to Outback tonight.  Then we headed to Cherryberry for big bowls of White Chocolate Mousse yogurt.  It rivals TCBY's any day, and since the nearest TCBY isn't really near, I'm quite thrilled by this new find!  I also had a bouquet of gorgeous flowers waiting for me at home after work. 

I love you, Isaac!

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