Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Riverdance-Valentine's Edition

Isaac and I are such old fogies when it comes to late nights on work nights.  We decided we'd celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend, and then I saw in the paper early last week that Riverdance was in town for their final North American tour.  Um, yes please!  I mentioned this to Isaac, who happens to be as much of a dork as I am when it comes to these kinds of things, and we ended up with tickets for Friday night's performance. Granted, we would've gone even if it wasn't Valentine's weekend, but it was a nice excuse to say this was our Valentine treat.

We're not the kind that make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but since our tickets were this particular weekend, we used a gift card I still had from Christmas (thank you, Jessica Richards!) to eat at Olive Garden before the show on Friday.  The portions at Olive Garden are HUGE, so we ended up with dinner for Saturday as well.  That's my kind of dinner out!

Waiting for Riverdance to begin
Hobby Center is a gorgeous venue for a show, and Isaac had never been there.  I think he would've been content looking at the galaxy lights in the ceiling all night.  Riverdance put on a show that words can't describe.  Irish dance is fascinating, both soft shoe and hard shoe.  My favorite scene was in the second act when the Irish immigrants and the Roaring 20's blacks have a tap off.  Woohoo!  As a former dancer, this made my day. 

Not only can these dancers dance, but most of them also sing...phenomenally!  Riverdance is a true musical, and I loved every second.  Amazing.  Now I just need to see Lord of the Dance whenever it decides to come back to Houston.  And I need to take Isaac to Ireland so he can see where my family came from and all the places I fell in love with during my trip there at 13.

Tonight we've been pretty low key.  Isaac is sick with a bad cold, so I'm glad we did do something fun this weekend.  I made a special dinner of salmon, and we enjoyed cake balls I bought from a friend's son for a fundrasier and chocolate covered strawberries we made last night.  Yum, yum!

Yum, yum
Aggie Belle taking good care of a sick Daddy.
We prayer your Valentine's is full of Christ's love. 

We love because He first loved us!  ~1 John 4:19

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