Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Glorious Unfolding Tour 2013

While we were in Zambia during the summer, tickets went on sale for Steven Curtis Chapman's tour this Fall.  By the time we had returned home, the show was sold out.  I was bummed.  There weren't tears or anything, but certainly a feeling that I was missing out on something grand.  It's no secret that Steven writes the soundtrack to my life and has since I was about 8 years old.  His music speaks to my soul.  I think we all have songwriters like that in our lives.  Isaac and I even had our first dance at our wedding to "Echos of Eden".  Hmmm....good stuff.  We always turn Steven's concerts into date night, but it looked like we'd be missing out in 2013.  We'd seen him in 2010 and in May, and I'd gone countless times as a kid.  I should have known though that when God wants His kids to see His face, He makes a way.  A second show for the same day was created, and we ended up with 5th row seats.  Oh, ye who doubts, have faith! (My words, not Jesus').

The concert was at 2:00, and included Jason Grey and Laura Story.  Jason's music has been capturing my spirit was quite some time on the radio.  It was incredible to hear the man behind the songs.  He daily struggles with a speech impediment, and singing is how he brings glory to God.  My favorite song of Jason's is called "Nothing is Wasted".  There will probably be more about this song coming.  :)

My first taste of Laura Story was in 2004 when Chris Tomlin first played "Indescribable" at the youth camp I was chaperoning.  I knew more phenomenal things would come out of anyone who could write lyrics like that!  The other interns and I were obsessed with that song the rest of the summer.  She too has watched her family overcome insurmountable medical odds to the glory of God.

To hear these stories and to see how God constantly takes the broken and imperfect to reveal Himself is stunning.  I know God works in the Chapmans' lives; I've watched their story unfold for a long, long time.  But to see this in others who are willing to share their weaknesses so the strength of God can be made known-wow.  Thank You, Lord for honesty and Your grace. 

At one point, Laura and Steven played a blue grass version of "How Great Thou Art".  It was lovely.  It felt like SCC meets Mumford and Sons.  Hmmm...banjo and upright bass-beautiful.

I was nearly knocked off my feet when we closed with worship (as if the whole afternoon hadn't already been worship!), and we sang the same two song I sang on the beach on Friday.  I love how God works!

Isaac scurried to Pearland for some fightin' Texas Aggie football when the concert was over, but I stayed for concert 2.  This time I worked the Show Hope booth.  Show Hope was created in 2003 by the Chapmans as a way to give families trying to adopt financial grants.  Adoption, domestic and international, is expensive.  So many families would love to grow their families in this manner but lack the thousands of dollars needed to process paperwork and travel to bring home children.  Show Hope helps alleviate some of the financial burden.  Show Hope now also provides much needed medical care for children in China.  It's something Isaac and I respect and love enough that in lieu of wedding favors, we had Dad give a donation to Show Hope.

I spent the next 7 hours with David  Trask, one of the incredible visionaries who has shaped Show Hope into all that it is today.  David's sense of humor had me in stitches most of the night.  His love for children who legitimately have no family and few options of finding a family is overwhelming.  David's openness left me in awe of all that God has been doing and the story that He is unfolding in families across the world.  I was humbled and blessed to speak with countless families deciding to sponsor Show Hope.  Several children had pulled their parents to the booth, begging them to help the other kids.  Thank You, God, for speaking through Your little ones.  Other families were wavering on whether they really should donate $35 a month to this.  I loved answering their questions and watching the Spirit work in their hearts.  If I was a stay-at-home-wife, I'd totally want to be on this team full time.  I love watching families together decide to respond to God.
My friend Regenia, me, and David

Steven's new CD, The Glorious Unfolding, comes out tomorrow, September 30th. I have a copy (legally!!) that I am giving away.  Enter below!
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