Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Works For Me Wednesday: BarkBox (September)

BarkBox works wonders in our house!  It's a monthly delivery box, and the only one we subscribe to.  It's $19 a month when we order 6 months at a time, and it has cut down our trips to the pet store, but our dog treat budget significantly, and helped us find durable toys for Aggie Belle and allergy friendly treats for Bailey.  Yes, please! 

September's edition of BarkBox arrived today.  It seemed like a jackpot, but it really is the same number of treats as usual (6).

September's goodies
Our Pet's IQ Ball: $11.99 Aggie Belle has one of these balls, and has worn it out.  We just hadn't made it to the store to get a new one yet, so I know she's going to be excited to eat her breakfast out of it tomorrow.  This toy has slots that's sizes can be changed for how easy it is for the kibbles to fall out of them.  Aggie Belle can chase this thing around the house for quite awhile to eat a whole meal.  I love that it keeps her busy while we're gone. 

Superor Farms Venison Ears: $3.99 AB and B have had plenty of pig ears, but never venison ears.  The BarkBox card says that venison ears are better because there aren't any chemicals used in cleaning them.  Works for me!

Barkworthies Angus Tendons: $6.30 These are apparently full of chondroitin, which our babies take everyday for joint health.  I'm sure they will fight over this one!

Wagatha's Tuscan Pizza Biscuits: $8.95 These are pizza flavored, all natural and organic ingredients.  For Bailey, they are wheat free, so these will go in his stash for sure!

VetraCare Pet Liquid Bandage: $8.95  This is a liquid bandaid, much like what is available for humans.  Aggie Belle gets scratches from time to time from playing with her fur friends, so we'll see if this helps them heal more quickly.

Etta Says Deer Chews: .85 each  These are a great protein source, grain free, and we trust Etta Says in this house! 

BarkBox works for these two!

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