Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WFMW: Living Water Gift Cards

Last Friday we went to Living Water International's 2013 Gala, Deeper.  We were each given $10 gift cards that are redeemable towards helping any of Living Water's country partners gain access to clean water.  More gift cards can be purchased to give as gifts, door prizes, to motivate children, and countless other uses.  I began thinking what great things these could be for kids to learn about the water crisis.  How could would it be for them to learn about the water problem in a country and then be able to donate to helping that country because they received a gift card as a party favor or as a reward for a job well done?  Or, instead of senseless stocking stuffers for the big kids (ahem, adults), what if the stockings had Living Water gift cards?

I'm giving away a $10 gift card this week.  Click here to enter!

Living Water Gift Cards work for me!

1 comment:

Christie said...

hmm...that link didn't work. It took me to the WFMW logo! Any ideas?

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