Friday, September 6, 2013

Farewell, Reveille VII

The First Lady of Aggieland, Reveille, is a time honored tradition at Texas A and M.  The Corps adopted a rescue pup decades ago, and the heritage has continued.  There was one Reveille during my days in Aggieland, Reveille VII.  She was the acting mascot from 2001-2008. 

Reveille is allowed anywhere on campus and truly rules the roost.  The Corps Co. E-2 cares for Reveille, and a sophomore is named mascot corporal each year.  The mascot corporal sleeps on the floor so Miss Rev can have the bed, she gets top of the line care from the Vet School, and if she barks in class, it means class is over.

Reveille VII was a bit more bold in character than some of the past First Ladies.  She barked non-stop.  Truly.  It was rare to glance down at her during a game and not see her barking.  Rumor has it that the ending of a class due to her barking tradition was frozen during her reign because she'd bark all the time in class.  I never got to have a class with her, so I don't know for sure about that one.  She was a bit nippy too. 

Rev, me, and Mom at the NIT game Spring of '05

Still, I loved her.  How could you not love a big fluff ball that defined DIVA to her core?  We met several times, and seeing her was always a treat.  My favorite memory has more to do with Rev and Bailey though.  By senior year, Bailey was much healthier than he was two year prior when I found him at the Brazos Valley shelter.  He accompanied me on campus frequently, was the official Phi Lamb mascot for a year and a half, and was adored by students living on campus who couldn't have pets in the dorms.  I had several friends in E-2, and we occasionally snuck Bailey into their dorm.  On one evening, several of us had gathered for a movie night.  Reveille was gone for the weekend, so Bailey was brought along to keep us company.  We broke so many rules!!!  Anyway, a few Fish decided they'd take Bailey out for a potty break.  The movie ended but my pup had still not returned.  My friends and I started searching the whole dorm for her.  We found the Fish but no Bailey.  I started getting a bit Diva-ish myself, desperately wanting to know where my dog was.  We finally find him curled up in Reveille's bed in her dorm room.  The Fish thought they'd play a prank on their Seniors by hiding Bailey in there.  They knew he'd be safe in her room with a fresh water dish.  Bailey's claim to fame is having slept in her bed and drank from her bowl.  I wish they had liked each other a bit more when they actually were together, but neither one were much good at that route. 

Tonight was Reveille VII's memorial service.  She died the end of May, and while most Ags don't miss her barking, it's always sad to lose part of a tradition.  Reveille VIII is doing a phenomenal job of carrying on as Aggieland's fluffy mascot.  Thanks and Gig 'em, Reveille VII!

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