Thursday, September 26, 2013

See You At The Pole 2013

This happened yesterday:

I wish Wednesdays weren't faculty meeting days so I could have stayed out the whole morning.  This was early, long before any of the buses ever arrived bringing in ever so many more kids.  My friend Jenny is one of the worship leaders at UBC.  She came and lead us in beautiful worship.  The kids sang, one of them read a verse, and then they would break into groups to pray about the topic discussed in the verse.  They want revival on our campus.  It's edifying and delightful to see kids who want so desperately to know Jesus.  I walked to my meeting with a full heart.  This is life, friends.  This is joy.  It is truly overwhelming to see God at work every time I turn around.  I've cried a lot lately, happy tears, at what God is doing.  I feel so incredibly blessed that He reveals Himself so very often in the tiniest and grandest of ways.  

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