Sunday, September 8, 2013

Home Sweet Aggieland

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Friday night we traveled to College Station for a weekend of memories, football, and friends!  Isaac had attended several games while working as a NASA co-op, but we had never gone to a game together in our 5 1/2 years of being together.  We decided it was high time to change that!

We had hoped to make it to Reveille VII's memorial service but between a late start from work and traffic, there was just no way.  It was a good thing though because it gave us more time to spend visiting with our friends Ashley and Tim.  We love the Assels so much, and it's special to have some extra time with them before their baby arrives in a few weeks.

Shortly after dark, we headed up to campus.  Isaac thought I was nuts to want to park in the middle of campus for a walk around Northgate, then back to Kyle Field, and then back to our parking spot.  Shoot, to me, that's nothing.  There was a reason I lost 15 pounds freshman year-I lived on a HUGE campus and walked it daily.  That was the life!  We visited the Dixie Chicken and had a treat before heading on a little campus tour.
Bottle Cap Alley on Northgate

My old dorm, Davis Gary, is still standing despite copious amounts of renovations around it, so I showed Isaac the room I had with it's two windows.  It's famous for nothing more than being closest to the train track, meaning we heard all 24 plus trains that came through a day.  Joy...
2nd floor in the corner is me!
Walking up the ramps to the 2nd deck in Kyle Field was all kinds of surreal.  It had been 6 years since I had made it to a game or Yell.  Crazy!  Isaac is well versed in Aggie Yells, so he was as loud as the rest of us.  The current Yell Leaders did a fabulous job of comparing the elusive Bearkat (SHSU) to Manti Te'o's 'girlfriend'.  I laughed til I joked.  It's a fun night in Aggieland when that many people get together not to drink and be stupid but to cheer on their football team and just be together!  We ran in to several friends from home, too.
Juliana is 10 years younger than me and enjoying her Fish year.  So bittersweet to be watching her live the things I hold so dear!  Love this special lady!

Amber is a fabulous teacher at my school!
 Saturday morning let us sleep in a bit before shopping for all things maroon and spending time celebrating Ashley's birthday with an awesome lunch.  If you are in CS and haven't eaten at Napa Flats yet, try it out!  YUM!  So grateful to have had this friend kick my booty and love me dearly for 9 years.

Game time rolled in dark and stormy, but that wasn't stopping a single Aggie from watching our boys BTHO out Sam Houston State.  We watched the Corp march in and then cheered on the boys for four hours.  It was a huge win, and it's fun to see the team doing so well after years of iffy playing.  Johnny Football might be a turkey butt, but he is exciting to watch play!  And Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, you'll always have my heart!

Oh, rain!
 Gig 'em, Aggies, and BTHO outta 'Bama!

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