Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Boys Are Back In Town

Ok, not the Thin Lizzy boys-they're kinda scary.  Actually, most things from the 70s were kinda scary.

But these boys are back!  Or were...they had to go home this morning.  But boy howdy did we live it up while they were here.

There was eating, making pillow cookies, racing RC helos, spoiling the dogs, performance go kart racing, celebrating Jacob's birthday, and a trip to the beach.  Oh, and there was a weird zombie movie in there too.  Note to self: Jason is NEVER allowed to chose the movie again.  Just, no.  Life is always good, but it's fabulous when the boys come back to town!    Jason and Jacob are such a crazy fun dynamic that keep this house full of laughter and chaos. Second note to self: start being in the pictures!  Ah!


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