Monday, May 13, 2013

KSBJ 30th Anniversary Concert

KSBJ is our Christian radio station.  It has served our city well for 30 years now.  KSBJ started as a radio station wanting to bring Christ's love to the city through the growing genre of Christian music.  It is supported fully by listeners, but has grown to now have several satellite stations, and rock station called NGEN, and served to support and help grow Christian radio stations all around the world.  They chose to celebrate their 30th anniversary by hosting a multi-artist concert on Saturday night, and they underwrote a lot of it to keep ticket prices as low as possible.  What a treat!

Isaac and I decided it'd been fun to take as many of the teens in our Sunday School class as wanted to go, and we managed to get a lot of their parents to come too.  In all, 22 of us (7 6th graders, 3 7th graders, and 3 8th graders...I love middle school kids!) headed out to hear some of our favorite artists.  King and Country (little brothers to Rebeccas St. James for you teens of the 90s) opened the show.  I really enjoy their music.  Their sister taught them well.

Chris August then took the stage.  He's great, and a staple on the radio these days.

Chris was followed by Family Force 5.  FFF is a little too hard core for me.  Oh well.  The orange pants through us too.  Um...gentlemen, skinny pants on men are NEVER attractive.  Please stop trying to look like girls.  Thanks.

Then Francesca Battesteli brought diction back to the stage with her set.  We all like her, and she makes us all smile.

Amy Grant made a surprise appearance.  While she's not my favorite human being ever, she's a great artist, and I enjoyed hearing songs from when I was younger than the kids who were with us.  Um...that made me feel old.  She made me cry when she sang a Rich Mullins staple.  I can't wait to hear Rich's new music in Heaven.  I miss his talent on this earth so very often.

Switchfoot brought things back up a notch.  I really, really like those guys.  Such powerful lyrics.

The second 'surprise' (he ruined it by making a public appearance earlier in the day at Cracker Barrel...hehehe) was my own personal favorite Steven Curtis Chapman.  I've written about him and his amazing family for years.  Steven did an acoustic set too, so I marched my little self right down the hill to be just 50 feet or so from the small stage for his songs.  Just joy.  So much joy.  Thanks, sir, for using your whole life to minister to others through all God gives you.

The night ended with a sermon that was awesome by a guy whose name I didn't catch and then a beautiful worship set by MercyMe.

I am so grateful to parents who trust Isaac and me with their kids.  We enjoy fellowship with them as much as we enjoy teaching them.

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