Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BarkBox Review May

Oh, Bailey and Aggie Belle have learned that the postman now brings things for them, and they get so excited to see if the newest box is for them!

This is only our 2nd BarkBox, but it did not disappoint!

 Being a NASA family, we loved this cute little comic that was in the box.  Our pups would probably say the same thing about the moon!

We order the large breed box since Aggie Belle is the only one interested in toys.  Most of the treats can be broken into smaller chunks for Bailey, so everyone ends up happy.  Both dogs went after Bocce Bakery's Green Juice Cookies ($9.50). They really did smell wonderful, and I know with all those great ingredients, they're healthy snacks too.  I only wish I could convince myself to always eat as healthy as I feed my dogs!

 The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Orbee Ball ($14.45) is awesome!  First, I love that it's a globe (I'll never be able to stop being a geography teacher), and Aggie Belle loves that it fits all her kibble for play time instead of meal time. 

Barkworthies sells awesome chews and bones for dogs.  We had some items from them last month, and Aggie Belle was thrilled.  This month we received a pig femur, and it was immediately deemed an outside treat that she devoured in one evening.  Yum!  These sell in a bag of 20 for $84 so our one cost $4.20.

The Grill-icious Treats ($8) are huge beef cookies that both pups have enjoyed.  They don't smell the best, but I'm not the one whose opinion matters here! 

 Total, our box was valued at $36.15, but our monthly subscription is only $18!  Wow!  These two give two paws up!

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