Monday, May 27, 2013

A Little Taste of Summer

Ok, so for us, summer doesn't start for another two weeks, but this weekend was a perfect taste of what is in store in the coming months.  And of course I was enjoying myself too much to take many pictures.  Le sigh.

Friday I chopped off a bunch of my hair.  I know poor Isaac loves it long, but it was time.  It might get shorter before summer ends.  For now, it's out of my face but long enough for a pony tail while we're in Zambia.

Saturday morning we went jet skiing.  This was my first time ever out on Clear Lake, and I've lived here most of my life.  That's pathetic for this water loving girl.  Anyway, I'm hooked on jet skis now.  I love the speed and thrill and sense of being absolutely free.  The only thing better is a wind driven sail boat.  Love!!

I spent my afternoon with my friend Michelle and her kiddos.  We visited and ran errands and just had fun.  Can summer come very quickly so I have more time to do things like this?!

Sunday afternoon was spent with my grandparents at the Houston Museum of Natural Science seeing their Faberge exhibit and the new Egyptian exhibit that is permanent.  We had a fabulous time, and I loved getting to share my knowledge of Russian history with my family.  For once, both exhibits allowed photography, and I ate that up.  No flashes, but I'll take what I can get.  My students are going to love seeing these!

The XB means Chris is Risen

Just a brief peek of the dozens and dozens of artifacts in the Egyptian exhibit.  There are also several mummies!
Today, our friends Tim and Ashley had a looooooong lunch with us at Tookies.  What a blast catching up with dear friends that we never get to see enough anymore.  What a treat!

Come on, summer!

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The Roberts' said...

Tell Ashley I said hi next time you see her! I miss knowing what's going on in her life! Maybe she should start a blog. :)

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