Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo with 6th Graders

Friday was a half day of school, and while all 6 of my classes were offered the chance to have a pinata party in honor of Cinco de Mayo, only 6th period met the requirements.  That 30 minutes might have been the funniest of entire school year.

One of the kids brought the pinata and I stuffed it with candy all morning.  This little donkey didn't come with a hatch for stuffing, so I had to create holes in him with scissors to stuff him.  The irony in this was not lost on my first period as I stuffed and they watched Angry Aztecs.  I was told in no uncertain terms that I was turning into an Aztec.  Ha.

The original plan had been to go outside to whack apart this donkey, but 30 MPH winds kept that from happening.  With a strict fire marshal, there's no where other than the door jam to hang things in our classrooms, so that had to work.  Of course, a four foot wide space with 12 year old boys that play majors baseball and swing metal bats is not enough room.  It wasn't long before our pinata stick was in 4 pieces and the kids took to stabbing the donkey like it was a bull and they were bull fighters.  Leave it to a class of 28 GT kids to not let a pinata and a shortened class period get the better of them.  Eventually they took to ripping it apart in shreds, leaving a tangled mess of wire.  Talk about team work and laughter!

Poor donkey got stabbed.  Look the debris on the floor!
Flying Donkey!

This might just have to become a yearly event. 

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