Monday, May 20, 2013

Cousin Visit!

Layla (1), Aggie Belle (2), and Bailey (10)

Layla is our 'niece', and just turned a year old last week.  She had her first sleepover at our house this weekend.  David and Laura went out of town, and with all of the grandparents out of town, we finally got to have this bundle of fluffy energy come stay with us!  Aggie Belle loves everybody, so she was thrilled to have her cousin come stay for two nights.  Bailey, well, Bailey tolerates a lot these days, so I'm proud of him for putting up with all the WWE matches the girls had every waking moment.  Layla did so well away from her mommy and daddy.  Apparently she doesn't always like to sleep when she's away from home, but she was beyond perfect both nights.  She cuddled down in her open crate in next to Aggie Belle's bed, and off to dream land she went.  Isaac is such a great dog trainer, and had her doing tricks and learning new things in no time.  I think it helped her immensely that she had Aggie Belle as an example too.  Layla also learned how to share and never minded it a bit.  Now I want David and Laura to go out of time all the time so we can have more cousin adventures with these three.  Maybe next time we'll brave the beach.  Ha.  

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