Thursday, May 2, 2013

Twelfth Imam, Tehran Initiative, and Damascus Countdown Reviews

Joel Rosenburg has done a phenomenal job of combining Biblical prophesy with current global political situations to create a thrilling fiction trilogy that kept me on my toes for a year and a half.  I have to learn not to start trilogies until the whole set has been published!  I left each book encouraged in my faith and with a new found resolve to prayer ever more fervently for God's will in the Middle East.

David Shirazi is an American born to Iranian parents who fled Iran during the 1979 Revolution.  He is recruited by the CIA to go undercover in Iran.  The CIA is becoming more and more convinced that Iran is further in their nuclear capabilities than previously thought.  Then, a mysterious man name Ali announces he's the 12th Imam, the awaited Mahdi of Shia eschatology.  With the Muslim world quickly falling at the Mahdi's feet and threats to destroy Israel mounting, Israel must decide if they will strike first or hope America and other nations will come to her aide.  David manages to infiltrate the Madhi's inner circle to funnel information back to the White House.  As events unravel, David has to decide what he believes about God as he watches Iran split itself as more and more of its citizens realize the Madhi isn't the Savior and that Jesus is.


The Granberrys said...

I have read his Epicenter book and it was wonderful! It is non-fiction and ties biblical prophecy into the current events of the Middle East as well. I learned so much! I need to check out the trilogy!

Shelley said...

I'll check these out!

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