Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday: charity: water

There's a lot to love this week with it being Teacher Appreciation Week, but only one thing has my love right now:

Kate and the gang had the end of their 90 campaign yesterday.  charity: water is still receiving some of the funds, so the total will go up, but as of now, they have raised $13,190 to build clean water wells.  Um, there are no words.  I am humbled beyond belief at how faithful our great God was to a little girl who set out all by herself to change a village.  She not only will change the village that receives this well in the next 18 months, but she changed her school and a whole lot of individuals while she was at it.  And if you ask her, she'll tell you she's been changed too.  I have been reminded daily to never stop challenging my students.  They will rise to the opportunity, if I let them.  I have watched teenagers rally around each other to accomplish a challenging goal.  They have over come fears of public speaking, fears of facing the big ol' 8th graders, and endured fussing from teachers who got sick of hearing about the well (yep, there are 'fussers' in education.  I deal with it.  They're in every occupation on the face of the planet.  I choose to try not to join them).  They heard from lots of people who said they couldn't raise $10,000 in 3 months.  Those people forgot that God laid out this plan, not a kid.  When the hands are willing, look what God will do (in a public school no less)!

Book mark this site and check it occasionally over the next several months to see the progress of our well.  They might even build more than one with this donation!

Solo gloria Deo!

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