Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

My family is scattered this month, with Mom and Dad all over the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, so we've had a few celebration's this weekend.  David, Laura, Nanny, and Dede came to our house Friday for steaks and all the fixins'.  It was so much fun to sit, let the dogs play, and visit.  What a treat for all of us.

Nanny and Dede took Isaac and me to lunch today after church for another celebration.  It's always a treat to just be with them.  We just talked.  So simple, but so needed.

Mom received a spa gift card from us while on the ship, and then Dad had cards from us to give her as well.  We haven't heard much from them, and that's starting to wear on me.  Here they are, on one of the most advanced, fancy ships on the seas, and can't hardly get an email to us.  When we go to Zambia next month, I'll be able to email, call, and text daily.  The irony here is not lost on me.  This gal needs her mommy!

Oh, and my babies surprised me with my first Kindle for our trip to Zambia!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy and Nanny (from Nov. '02)

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