Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unity Day

Today was another public holiday in Zambia, Unity Day.  It makes for a nice 4 day weekend, but it meant we had to get creative with our schedule so that we felt productive.

I ended up holding a teacher training session for one of the Faith Works schools.  Seven teachers came and we talked about the Frayer Model, how to make little books out of just a sheet of paper, and some other foldables that will help the students be more involved in their learning than just copying lines off the board or out of the book.  The teachers loved it, and I plan to do way more of this next time.  The teachers just don't get the same kind of professional development that we do in the States, and it's frustrating for them.  At the same time, when I lead something here, I have to remember the limited resources these teachers have.  It was a great morning, and they were all excited to take away their goodies to start using tomorrow.

Most of the afternoon was spent packing and playing with the kids.  We can't believe tomorrow is our last day with them!

Tonight, Amanda and Taylor had us for dinner, and we had a great visit with them and Lily.  It's always a treat to see old friends, especially when they now live so far away.  We're so grateful for their hospitality and love!

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