Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sweet Home, Aggieland

Yesterday I went to College Station to spend the night with our dear friends Ashley and Tim.  It was an absolutely perfect visit, and the bonus is that they're still in Aggieland.  Ashley and I had a blast exploring our favorite college haunts and eateries.  We definitely ate lunch yesterday and today at Blue Baker.  Oh, how I miss me some Blue Baker!  I also introduced them to Cafe Eccel.  Somehow, I never went there with Ashley when we were in school, and she and Tim haven't gone in the 3 years they've lived there.  Now that they know about the culinary goodness that is all things Cafe Eccel, I'm sure they'll be frequenting their doors in the future.  Yum!

The place I had never managed to visit that Ashley introduced me to was the Bush Library.  I have dozens of photos in the gardens and on the grounds of the library, but I had never toured it.  Shame, shame, shame!  It's a beautiful museum dedicated to an amazing couple.  I thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about events that filled the news when I was a little girl.  This was my mini-TAHG trip for the summer.  :)  I forgot my camera in Houston, so the only pics I took the whole trip were some blurry phone pics at the library.  Still, we had fun!

Ashley took me to the new to me CC Creation's Warehouse to do a little discount Aggie gear shopping.  I may or may not have bought way more than I should have, but I promise the vast majority is being saved as gifts for my family....

Ashley and I cracked up Tim talking about how 'late' we would stay out in college.  For two girls who are convinced that 9:00 is a firm bedtime these days, the fact that we would go to rehearsals for Songfest or Bible studies that didn't even start until 9:00 was just funny to him.  Oh, we're so 'old' now!  Ha. 

While driving down Highway 6, I realized Mom had driven me up to CS for Fish Camp this same week of July 10 years ago.  Oh, how I miss those days of being engulfed by Aggieland.  Phi Lamb, football games, Songfest, and yes, classes, are treasured memories that are quickly being pushed further and further from reach.  I know it's just part of growing up, but it's bittersweet too.  I miss my days there.  I'm grateful for lasting friendships and the ability to happily remember school.

Thanks and gig 'em, Ashley and Tim!

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