Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June BarkBox

Yes, this is late.  Remember, we were in Zambia for 3/4 of June, so the pups had to wait to get their BarkBox for June.  After sifting it out of the junk mail that accumulated while we were gone, the pups went nuts!  Better late than never, in their minds.  :)

Pupato Chips ($4.99) These are dried sweet potato chips.  My dogs love sweet potatoes and eat the boiled peels and any other part of sweet potatoes when I make them, so they gobbled these!  I'll be honest though, I'm not going to buy these simply because I can make them at home and more or less already do.

Bowser Beer ($3.33) This is a beef based drink that's non-alcoholic and non-carbonated.  The pups haven't had this yet, but it's full of vitamins, so I'm excited for them to try it.  Both Aggie and Bailey love frozen things, so I might freeze it in little cups and make popsicles.  

Tail Mix ($4.95) These are high quality, freeze dried meat cookies.  Bailey isn't the biggest fan because he prefers softer treats, but Aggie Belle has devoured them!

Heartland Premium Bones (~$6)  No website sells these, but I've seen them at the pet stores in the area in the past.  Aggie loves these, but they are outside treats only-so messy!

Calming Tablets: ($7.48) These are all natural tablets that are supposed to calm nervous pups.  I wish my mom had had these to try with Bailey during the firework bonanza on the 4th.  My boy HATES loud noises.  We'll have to wait for the next road trip to give these a try.

The box this month was approximately $26, and we pay $18 for our box.  Awesome!

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Shelley said...

Do you ever go to the dog show?

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