Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last Day in Zambia

Today was hard emotionally!  We crammed as much as we could into today, and there still wasn't enough time to do everything we wanted.

Our first order of business was to go back by Bill and Bette and make sure the teachers knew how to use the Leap Frog computers we brought for them.  The kids were in preschool, so they didn't see them yet, but they're going to love them!  We got to tell the kids bye, and was hard.  I don't think any of the older one will ever forget those HUGE croc-O-diles!

We stopped by four schools today, all in Kanyama.  The first was True Gospel School, which is grades 1-7.  We played a game with the older kids where if they answered a question correctly, they received a prize.  We had a ton of candy and toys with us, so they had a blast.  They were quite competitive to see who could outdo their friends!  This school has teamed with an organization that helps care for local kids to teach the school children trade skills as well as academics.  They have a pretty nice building and supplies because of the extra income generated from the skills center.

We then went to Tithandize School which is two separate buildings.  The kids were excited to meet us, but Isaac and I were both in shock at how little the teachers have to work with.  Very few books, no electricity, and no other supplies.  Just chalkboards and paper.  Wow.

We stopped at lunch at Helen DeVos to drop off more supplies and tell them bye.  This school is so amazing, and tons of the kids remembered Isaac's NASA presentation two weeks ago.  They were glad to see him again.

Our last school was Free Baptist, which was the poorest school we visited.  Grades 1-6 meet in a church with no classrooms and nothing more than textbooks.  It was hard for me to see.  The kids just don't even really stand a chance at learning because of all the noise and distractions and lack of manipulatives. 

All of these schools benefit from American support.  When the Faith Works schools get donations, they are able to provide more for the students' education which then empowers the students to become productive members of society.  Without schools like these, most of these kids wouldn't be in school at all.  It seems so little at times, but they really are making a huge difference with the little that they have.  Please prayerfully consider supporting them along with us.  The teachers are already talking about the training they hope I bring in 2015.

Kevin told us he had one last stop for us, and it was to Chalala's house!!  I love that woman!  Of course we weren't going to get out of there without eating, regardless of the fact that we'd just had lunch.  She made nshima and greens for us.  She is a God-send to her community, and I'm blessed to know her.  Chalala may not have much, but she loves on everyone she meets!
Chilala and me from last week during an earlier visit!  LOVE!

 The rest of the day we loved on the babies at House of Moses.  We leave too early tomorrow to see them then.  There's about 8 kids we'd love to bring home with us, and it's going to hurt to leave them.

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