Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Little Girl Fun!

Tina and Joelle, two of our nieces, came to visit this past week.  We had so much fun and were so busy that I didn't have time to write about their trip while they were here. 

Saturday was Tina's birthday, so when they arrived on Sunday, we had a little birthday party.  Isaac thought about making Tina a cake, but decided that decorating her own would be much more exciting.  He was right!  Tina received some hand made Zambian treats, two devotional books, and Jamie Grace's CD.  She was a  happy  kid.  I just wish we could've been at her party at home!!

Monday through Friday were spent at UBC.  Tina attended Drama Camp and loved every second of it.  She came home each night talking about how God gives us talents to use for His glory, not our own.  She knew the Bible verses that went along with the lyrics from the musical, and was all around loved on like crazy by the Drama Camp teachers.  Thank you, thank you!  She auditioned for a solo, and we worked hard on it all week.  Joelle had the whole musical memorized by the end of the week too from all of our work.  Awesome!

Joelle went to preschool play days, and while I taught kindergarten and not her class, we had a great week of learning about Moses and how to obey God.  Joelle could tell me each story each evening, and she made new friends so easily.  Her teachers loved on her unconditionally, and I'm so grateful for how my church loves on my family. 

Our evenings were full of walking the dogs, including our friends' dog Ceally that came to stay, Despicable Me 2 with TEENAGERS (our Sunday School kids), snow cone trips to play games, froyo trips, playing, and building K'nex with Uncle Isaac.  One night we had a swimming picnic at the pool.  Friday night we went to Kemah for dinner, a few rides, and fireworks.  What a treat!  Saturday was spent at the beach.  Um, yes please, how we need more of that!   Bridget came down that night so she could see the musical Sunday morning at church.  It was fabulous!!!!  The kids were amazing, and God was glorified.


I think my favorite part of the trip was bed time and early mornings.  We read devotions in the morning from a book called Whatever.  In the evenings, we read from the Bible and prayed.  The raw, sweet prayers of children never cease to amaze me.  We all need to be that honest with God about the good and the bad!

Would someone please bring Dallas closer to Houston?  Isaac and I (and the dogs!) need more visits with these girls and their most precious mommy!!!

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