Thursday, December 22, 2011

Road Trip

Monday and Tuesday we trekked from Houston to Lebanon, Ohio to spend some long over due time with Isaac's family.  While Aggie Belle always enjoys car trips, she has never been in the car more than an hour and a half, so we weren't quite sure what to expect.  We know Bailey gets a tad nervous being cooped up for so long, so our dearly loved vet gave us some meds to just make both pups a little groggy.  Our babies were absolute champs both days!  Aggie Belle used her seat belt like a pro, and Bailey didn't mind being in his car seat when I needed a break from holding him.  I'll travel anywhere anytime with both of them.  What a treat to have such cute, cuddle, sweethearts to help us pass the time.  God answered our prayers for travel mercies time and again on our drive.  Praise Him!

Aggie Belle spent most of the trip on her blankie and Daddy's pillow.

Sweet Boo snoozing away the time.

Precious, darling babies!

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