Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Caroling, Caroling...

I wasn't caroling through the snow this past week, but I sure sang a lot! 

Let me set this up by saying that our church averages 950 people split through two services each week, and our choir for the traditional service averages about 75.  We have about 20 people that play in an orchestra (Isaac plays violin) with the choir on Sunday mornings.  This thrills me.  Our music minister/director pushes us hard, and the music we learn is always stunning.  We have a bazillion NASA engineers (many from the glory days), and our director reminds us constantly that if we can put a man on the moon, we can certainly learn such-and-such rhythm, etc.  He's right.  I don't think any of us are there for our selves, because we rarely know what we sound like, and choral music is a team sport.  No one outshines another, and if you do, you know about it real quick!  Blending is a must for us.  Gracious, I'll probably never be a soloist, and I'm not sure I want to.  I love the challenge of choral music and the sounds that come from an eight part harmony. 

Thursday we had a special concert for about 400 people from our community who are experiencing some tough times at the moment.  UBC hosts Light House of Hope the first Thursday of each December for folks that we regularly minister to, ranging from the neighborhood shelter, the crisis pregnancy center, and HUD apartments nearby.  This year, the choir and orchestra were asked to perform.  I think it might have been more of a treat for us than them.  There were so many cute little ones dancing in the aisles and laughing while we sang.  Such a fun sight!

Friday and Saturday I sang with the Clear Lake Symphony for their Christmas concert.  We accompanied the symphony on 5 songs, and sat behind them while the played the other selections.  I got goosebumps both nights, feeling the sound vibrations move through the floor, up my feet, and all the way to my nose!  Our community has such a fabulous symphony, and I was honored to be asked to help out the choir that performs with them from time to time. 
Sunday was a our bellapalooza-UBC's 4 hand bell choirs in concert for Christmas.  So much fun!  I've been ringing since I was 13, and I just love it! 
We still have our big choir concert Sunday morning, and Isaac and I are both singing in Messiah on the 18th with a smaller ensemble.  I love being a musician at Christmastime!

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Shelley said...

We are looking forward to Sunday morning!

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