Saturday, December 24, 2011

Newport Aquarium

Isaac and I hadn't seen his best friend Mark and his wife Anna since their wedding a year and a half ago.  We were so excited that it was working out for us to spend a day with them this trip to Ohio.  Friday was Anna's birthday, but she was quite content to spend part of it with us.  We met at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky to enjoy the sea creatures before lunch at the Claddagh Irish Pub.  Yum!

We visited the aquarium two years ago with Bethany, but we realized we'd forgotten so many of the exhibits.  Newport is one fabulous aquarium!
An exhibit with fish from Zambia!

Clown fish and an anemone
 So, it's no secret we have strong feelings against Santa and the way the lie of Santa takes away from focus on Jesus, but we met a Santa today that even we couldn't resist.  Scuba Santa dropped his sleigh in the middle of the Newport Aquarium for a visit, along with some pretty cool seahorses and an elf named Pixie.  Now that is pretty cute, for a fairy tale!

Story time with Scuba Santa

Anna and Mark


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