Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Festivities

This morning we drove from Lebanon to Louisville to spend the day with my aunt Donna, my god-sister Stephanie, her kids Alex and Shelby, and Steph's fiance Jason and his daughter Rain.  This is two years in a row we've gotten to spend several hours with my family during Christmas, which is such a treat.  Usually my extended family doesn't get to be with us during Christmas because we're all so spread out these days.  I love any time I get with these super precious people.  Alex and Shelby adore Isaac, and I think they have a soft spot for me too.  :)  We got to see their new house, and then we ate lunch at Five Guys.  Yum!  Steph, Donna, and the kids have a tradition of ice skating on Christmas Eve, so we joined them.  What a hoot!  I haven't skated in close to 10 years, but after a couple of laps, I was away from the wall and gliding along just fine.  Isaac had no problems, as usual.  That kid!

Alex and Shelby; Aunt Donna

Rain and Steph; Jason, Rain, Shebs, Steph, and Alex
Jason, Steph, Alex, me, Rain, and Isaac (Shelbs wasn't into photos at the moment); goofy face time with my nephew!
The Ozingas' church wasn't having a service tonight since they're doing regular worship services in the morning, so we made our own 'candle-light' service with the aid of sparklers and a bottle rocket or two.  We lit the sparklers, Jacob read the story of Christ's birth from Luke, and then we sang "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", "Joy to the World", "Gloria in Excelsis Deo", and "Come Let Us Adore Him". 

A bucket of 'candles' and the Bible were all we needed for an awesome, fresh worship experience!
 Then, we opened our stocking presents to help with time management for tomorrow morning since we have church.  Stockings are quite an ordeal with 4 pups who all want to open presents.  Ok, two of them want to dig and tear and rip while 2 are content to eat their treats, but it sure makes for lots of laughter!

Isaac's candy cane was in several pieces!
 We pray this nights brings great joy are you celebrate Christ's birth!

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