Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aggie Belle Update

Aggie Belle is 10 months old.  How do puppies grow so fast?!?  Isaac and I can't believe she's been in our home for 8 months now.  Our 'puppy' is now 56 pounds, which means she's full grown, but it won't surprise me if she adds a few more pounds as she's just now filling out.

Bailey really seems more comfortable having a 'little' sister now.  He doesn't cower when Aggie Belle is running past him, and sometimes we even find him in her house checking out her treats.  He's always thought her water bowl was his second water bowl, and if we aren't careful, he'll snitch a few kibbles from her too.  Recently, Bailey even stole a piece of rawhide from Aggie Belle.  Um...this dog hasn't had interest in rawhide in two years.  I love seeing my shy boy's spunky side more often as he grows more bold with this crazy puppy!
Aggie Belle's favorite things include whining to play with the new gerbils (more about them soon), fetching the paper and mail, going bye-bye, and being outside.  She still loves chasing her tail and whining at the squirrels through the back door.  Oh, and now she's decided Bailey's tummy makes the best pillow. Seriously?  Shouldn't it be the other way around...?

We loves these two pups and all the laughter they bring into this home!

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