Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nanny!

Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday, and the whole day was all about her!  Nanny has wanted (ok, we've all wanted) to visit Bayou Bend for over 20 years, but we've never made it.  How sorry are we now that we have been!  Ima Hogg (yep, really) was the only daughter of the first Texas born governor of Texas, and she spent most of her life as a philanthropist and educator of all things Texas. Actually, she did a lot more than that, but I'll save the history lesson for Bayou Bend.  Ima also collected art of all shapes, sizes, and sorts from around the world that she displayed in her huge home called Bayou Bend.  The crazy thing is that Bayou Bend sits on 14 acres in the middle of Houston, yet it's so wooded and secluded.  Her gardens are stunning, and the house is amazing.  Photos of the interior of the house aren't allowed, so go visit!  We all went to dinner at Ruggles in Rice Village and ate our fair share of desserts.  I hope Nanny had as much fun on her birthday as the rest of us did!
Super fun bridge to cross from the parking lot to the mansion grounds.

Back of Bayou Bend

Statue of Diana
HUGE sequoia tree

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