Friday, December 23, 2011

La Comedia: A Christmas Carol

La Comedia is a fabulous dinner theater in the greater Dayton, Ohio area that we really enjoy visiting when we're in town.  We've made a tradition of seeing their Christmas performance each year when we come in December.  They typically do musicals, and 6 shows a year.  Some day, I hope to see something besides the Christmas production, but it's still a treat.  This year's production was "A Christmas Carol", which we saw Wednesday night.  Now, Dickens is probably my least favorite author on the planet, but the actors did a great job with the material they had.  Singing and dancing on stage is no easy task, especially to keep it professional quality.  I love the mix of local and professional-straight from NYC-talent that La Comedia hires.  Maybe some year we'll get a picture of all 5 of us together!


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