Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Works for Me: Home Dedication

A blog buddy (Elise-go visit her; you won't regret it!) announced this week that she and her sweet hubby are about to move into their first home.  Home-ownership is such a fun experience, and a great opportunity to use what God gives us to serve others.  Elise's announcement stirred up memories of almost 2 years ago when we bought our home.
Isaac and I found a dream home at an insane price right before the market began to turn upward.  I was hesitant to jump into such a big home, but there was such peace about the whole process that I couldn't deny that God wanted us in this particular house, at least for a season.  We wanted to honor God for His gift and show how much we honor and value His trust in us to use this home to bring glory to His Name and to serve others.  Isaac and I decided to host a home dedication where we invited friends and family to come, pray over our home and us, and then celebrate all that was to come.  Check out how we did it for some ideas!

Looking back over the last two years, I'm so glad we did this.  We've watched the Almighty answer everyone of the prayers prayed that day.  Our home has provided a place of refuge for us, rest for tired friends, hosted more teenagers than we can count, and been the site of several gatherings of prayer and fellowship.  With Andrew on his way, we continue to pray over our home that God uses these four walls as a place of discipleship for him and his friends as they grow to seek Jesus first.  A home is what we make of it, and setting the foundation as Christ is a fail-proof way to start.

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