Monday, March 24, 2014

Rodeo Shootout Championship

Last night was the final day of 20 days worth of rodeo competitions.  It's always sad to go on the last day.  The livestock show has finished so all of the pens are empty and dirt is already in the process of being hauled away. We had been twice already though, so we'd had plenty of livestock show fun earlier in the rodeo. However, in the stadium, the energy is still flying, even on the last day!

Several years ago, the rodeo committee decided to turn the 3 week competition into a series, resulting in 3 days worth of competition with the overall winner moving on to the final round, the rodeo shootout, on the last day. Just think March Madness and you'll get the general idea.  In bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, and barrel racing, the best of the best are seen on the final day.  Isaac and I loved every second of it.  Ok, the rodeo is never boring in the first place, but to see the toughest and strongest go up against each other is just a thrill. And, our favorite part is still the mutton bustin'.  This was the championship round of all the 5 and 6 year old winners from teh past 19 days competing one more time on a big fluffy sheep.  LOVE!

Can see you see that pint sized cowgirl hanging on?!

Zac Brown Band closed the rodeo this year.  We tried to go see them the last two years and ended up with conflicts and had to sell our super fabulous tickets both times.  This year we didn't let a sleepless night and rain stop us from going!  Isaac had purchased 50 yard line (when it's football season at least), 30 rows up seats back in early January, and we put those beauties to great use!  When we see most singers, we enjoy hearing some of our favorite songs live.  With ZBB however, it's a real show!  Each band member is such a talented musician, and they all genuinely love making music together and being on that stage.  It was such a treat to see them having a blast with their music.  There wasn't a lot of talking or 'show', but there was a ton of fun as we reveled in their talent.  So glad we went, and we definitely plan on making sure ZBB is on our list of tickets for next year!

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Lisa Loves John said...

Love Zac Brown Band :)

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