Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

ONE: We had our first of two Rodeo trips last night.  I just love this time of year in Houston!  We were about 20 rows from the dirt, and I have Isaac's willingness to stand in line in below freezing temps for over an hour to thank for it!  We saw some fabulous bronco riding last night.  Bull riding just wasn't happening for anybody, but those horses and cowboys were on fire!  Good food, great sports, and fabulous music!  Maybe we're kind of 'old' for still being such big Reba fans, but we are.  :)

TWO: This MOUNTAIN  of baby things is growing and growing in the guest room.  What this doesn't include is a carseat and stroller for my mom to use, a handmade cradle, an exersaucer, a tummy time jungle gym mat, a push cart, a huge box of bottles, and two huge boxes of diapers.  We are blown away by people's generosity.  We will gladly take any baby paraphernalia anyone wants to send our way.  It's such a gift to us, and we are incredibly grateful.  Moms, do someone you know a favor.  Clean out what you no long need, call up a newer mom, and let her know exactly what you have.  Then offer to take it by her house.  She won't have words enough to thank you, I promise!

THREE: My new Bible.  Yep, that's giraffe print.  I need to spend time over Spring Break transferring all my notes from my old one, but this is just so me! My old one is one the right.  Can you see the fraying on the back cover?  Aggie Belle decided as a puppy to live on God's Word alone.  Over the last 2 1/2 years, the tearing has just gotten worse and worse, and the middle of certain pages have begun to tear from over-use, so it was time.

FOUR: I didn't snap a photo because we were racing a nasty a storm, but this 20 week pregnant gal totally changed her truck's oil and oil filter Sunday afternoon.  That's how Texas gals roll.  Don't mess with a woman and her truck.  Period.  Here's hoping 5,000 miles don't get put on Sarge before Andrew is born because I'll be honest: I'm not sure I'm going to be able to crawl under him for much longer.  His timing belt needs replacing, and I'm hoping we get that down while I can still be on my back.  Hubby, get those parts ordered for us!

FIVE: UBC decided read the Bible outloud through from Genesis to Revelation this week to kick off Lent.  The church has done this before where members read for 15 minutes at a time non-stop, around the clock, but this hasn't happened in the 15 years I've been a member.  We began Sunday at 12:30 and finished right at 6:30 as the opening of our Ash Wednesday service.  It was such a special thing to know that in roughly 3 1/2 days, God's entire, complete, perfect Word had been proclaimed inside our sanctuary.  Now, the catch is to then take that Word and live it outside the sanctuary!

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Jennie said...

Thanks for stopping by and linking up with me today!

beene31 said...

I'm impressed you changed your own oil! You go girl:) Thanks for linking up

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