Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Bark Box

Yes, it's March.  Yes, I'm just now finding time to write about the February BarkBox.  Mom fail.  Life keeps rollin'!  February brought some fabulous treats to the fur babies!

Harry Barker Cottong Rope Tug and Toss ($10) Aggie Belle has thrown this thing around like a maniac since we gave it to her the day the box arrived.  She adores rope toys.  We've finally found another one that takes more than a week for her to destroy.  It's still currently going strong!

Bakers' Best Wild Pacific Maple Glazed Salmon with Wild Blueberries ($5.99)  The pups drool over all things salmon.  They love dried blueberries.  Enough said!  :)

Cheese Please Treats ($5.99) These are human grade, 100% Wisconsin cheddar cheese.  We all love cheese in this house, the pups included.  These have been a hit!

Heartland Beef Tendons (~$5) (no real shopping link found)  Aggie loves these.  Bailey won't touch them.  We've had Barkworthies before, and same story-Baby Sis love them and Big Bro won't touch 'em. 

Max and Ruffy's Strawberry and Carob Treats ($5.25) What's the month of love without some strawberry and 'chocolate'?  These were quite the hit!

This month's box is valued at $32.23, just shy of double the $18 we pay each month.  Awesome!  And, except for rawhide and greenies, these are the only treats we buy all month because they'll last all month!  

 This is what happens when Mom allows Dad to be in charge of the BarkBox photography.  We may or may not have had some base jump training going on as well.  Seriously?!  But aren't they cute with their box?!  

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