Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WFMW: She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth has quickly become a favorite site for finding devotionals.  Elise invited readers of her blog to study Hosea together in February.  I so enjoyed my time each day in the Hosea, knowing that as I was gleaning insight from the Holy Spirit, so were other gals.  The study was a great supplement to my daily quiet times.  It was also nice having the accountability of a daily devotion, and I know some struggle with this.  The way the studies are written, you want to go back each day for more, making it hard to skip a day.  We met back up at the end of the month to share what we had learned, and I was so encouraged by this!

Want to join the fun?  Elise has another study beginning today on God's Promises.  Don't want to follow along with someone you don't know?  Check out what other studies are posted on She Reads Truth, grab a friend or two, and dig into the Word together!  God's Word never comes back void.  It's living and able to teach us right where we are. 

Staying in God's Word daily works for me!

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

YAY! Thanks for spreading The Word (literally...ha!), girlie! And I love that She Reads Truth pic with the pink behind it. Lately, every time I drive by a tree with those pink blossoms with promises of spring, I'm tempted to stop and take a picture. They're like God's little promises of spring right now. :)

Hugging you! xx

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