Thursday, March 20, 2014

March BarkBox

 March's BarkBox arrived yesterday, and it was perfect timing!  Uncle Jacob had to return to Ohio Wednesday afternoon, so the pups had a great distraction when they got home from dropping him of at the airport.  :)

Dogegg by Petprojekt ($14): Aggie Belle keeps thinking this sturdy, natural rubber toy is a food puzzle, but she's having fun throwing it around.  It does wobble and bounce well, which keeps her on her toes.  Bailey isn't thrilled about the squeaker in it, but he'll live.

Krinkle and Squeak Newspaper by Pet Qwerks ($7.79): Aggie Belle is the toy expert in this family, and she loves shaking this thing all over the place.  She fetches the real paper from the front yard every morning, so as long as she doesn't mistake the real thing for her new toy, we're good!

Venison Waffles by Superior Farms ($8.99)  These are made in America and only have venison lung in them.  Sounds disgusting to me, but they're healthy for the pups, so I'll take it!

 Breakfast Biscuits by Wagatha's ($8.99) Apparently these are a favorite human treat too!  They contain Whole barley flour, Whole oat flour, Canola oil, Apples, Cracked flax seed, Brown rice flour, Rolled oats, Bananas, Maple sugar, Cinnamon, and Rosemary oil. Sounds pretty yummy, actually.  We'll have to see what we all think of these!

 Duck Chews from Etta Says ($1.23) Bailey adores these, and I was so glad to see another come in this month's box!  The chews are made of duck and rawhide.  No wonder my little man loves to chase ducks so much!

Checking out the goods:

Munchin away on the duck chew!

This month's box is worth $41, but we paid $18 with our 6 month subscription.  What a deal!  And I love BarkBox's commitment to only sending truly healthy products to our pups!

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