Friday, March 28, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

ONE: Ease US Data Recovery Software is my new best friend.  Seriously.  Last night I deleted EVERY single picture from our cruise on accident.  Someday, there will be a law passed that doesn't allow me to transfer photos from my camera to my computer.  This is the THIRD time I've done this in 8 1/2 years.  For. The. Love.  Isaac took the SD card from me as soon as I did it, popped it in his computer, ran the software, and in less than a minute and a half, I had all but 2 of my 350 photos back.  Phew.  Maybe now I'll get my booty in gear and actually blog about our trip....

TWO: I bought these TOMS from Zulilly a few weeks ago, and I think they're adorable.  They scream 'spring', I've had tons of compliments, and I love seeing color on my feet!  And, since I can't wear sandles without backs to work, these are perfect.
THREE: Today is Dede's birthday, and Isaac has tried out a brand new cake recipe for the family tonight.  It's chocolate and has Bailey's Irish Creme in it.  Enough said.  I'll post pictures when it's all finished.  :)

FOUR: A friend brought me this whole set last night!  I know it'll be several months (ok, nearly a year from now!) before I get the chance to use this, but I can't wait to make Andrew's food!

FIVE: It's not a favorite that Aggie Belle took a huge tumble while running on Wednesday night, but I adore what essential oils did for her wounds!  She came in with her daddy looking terrible!  There were cuts on both right legs, on her belly, and most of her toenails were torn.  I took a photo Wednesday night of the most minor cut because I didn't want to gross out anyone.  Isaac cleaned it really good, and then I mixed up distilled water, lavender, thieves, and frankincense to rub on it.  We also soaked gauze in the solution and then wrapped bandages around the gauze.  We did the same thing again Thursday morning.
By Thursday evening, the same wound looked like this:
I know it's not at the same angle, but my patient wasn't wanting to cooperate in her sleep.  The wound is so clean and healing nicely.  The swelling in all of her wounds is gone, as is the redness on her belly.  We'll keep soaking and treating and letting them air out as she let us, but I'm so impressed with the quick improvement.  The pet ointments we've used in the past have never worked this well!  And, just for some cuteness' sake:
The patient and her big brother getting extra TLC from Daddy on Thursday morning.

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Lisa Loves John said...

I'm loving BOTH of those colors of Toms!! I have been wanting to get a pair so I'll have to look into Zulilly! I live in my sperrys so I'm sure these guys would get plenty of use too :)

Hannah said...

I love those shoes! I had the same ones in my basket to buy from Zulily too! ...but then for whatever reason buy the time I went to buy them my size was gone. So sad. Enjoy yours! They are adorable and perfect for Spring! :)

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