Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Works For Me: Coconut Oil

Long before I found this, I started using extra virgin coconut oil for all kinds of things.  The hubby isn't sold on it at all, but he sees the benefits to the pups and me, so while he won't use it, he does admit that this little fruit is super cool!

Here's the deal with coconut oil: use extra virgin.  Also, it's a solid below 76* and a liquid when it's warmer than that.  When I need it softer, I just start rubbing it between my hands.  It melts quickly.  Once the house begins to warm as we enter Spring, I'll probably start keeping at least some of my EVCO in the fridge.

How do I use it?

1) Oil Pulling.  I swish this stuff (1 tsp) in my mouth 20 minutes a day.  Swish and swish and swish.  Then I spit it in the trash can-don't spit it down the sink.  It'll re-harden and clog the drain.  I'd heard that it can help with TMJ pain, and it has.  EVCO hasn't made it go away, but it's helping greatly.  Also, EVCO will pull germs out of your mouth, help whiten teeth, and supposedly help make them stronger.  I can't testify to the last one yet, but we'll see.  Yes, I still brush (Clay Brite from Zion Health-my go-to toothpaste for over 2 years now)! Does 20 minutes seem like forever to you?  Have your prayer time while you swish, check email, read a book, throw a ball for the dog, fold laundry, watch a TV show.  You'll love the 20 minutes of not having to answer anything anyone says to you!

2) Face Wash.  I rub a nickle size amount onto my face each night to remove make up. For tough eye make up, use a cotton ball to help gently massage off the make up with the oil.  My face is so clean, soft and smooth afterward!  I rinse my face with water to get the worst of the oily feeling off, and then pat my face dry with a towel.  I don't feel greasy afterward!  This has helped me break out less and taken away the need for my expensive aloe-based cleanser.  I still use an aloe-based toner (and only that!) in the mornings-no EVCO then.

3) Body Lotion. I've seen several recipes for body butters that include EVCO, and I've made one, but I'm not thrilled with it-too greasy.  However, I love just plain EVCO as my nightly lotion.  My skin is softer than ever, and it cleared up the dry, cracked skin I've had all over from the cold winter.  It's also done wonders to keep my skin from peeling after a Spring Break sunburn last week....oops.

4) Snack for the pups.  Seriously!  They were both licking my legs constantly when I began using it as a lotion.  I decided to just start feeding them spoonfuls so I could relax in peace.  Little did I know at the time that it actually helps their digestive system and has cleared up Aggie Belle's raunchy, awful anal glands.  Isaac was having to express her glands about every 3 days, and we haven't done it in ages now.  Woohoo! It's also making their coats shinier and thicker.  Bailey gets about 2 tsp a day, and Aggie about 6. 

5) Stretch mark preventative.  I know I'm only at 22 weeks and still have a way to go, but absolutely no signs of stretch marks have appeared on my body, and I've been rubbing in the EVCO extra thick on my belly, thighs, and lower back since November.  I'm also using YL's Gentle Baby on top of the EVCO in the mornings and YL's lavendar at night, so I'm sure that's helping as well.

6) Shaving cream.  I looked at the ingredients of the kind I've used for years awhile back and threw it out immediately.  It had all the same junk that most deodorants have in it that can increase risks of cancer and Alzheimer's.   I don't know why I hadn't thought to look at that product sooner, but yuck!  I have to rinse my razor more often with the EVCO, but I've had less razor burn, less burning sensation after shaving, and a super close shave. 

Other things I'm hoping to learn how to do with my EVCO:
1) Make an oil infused lotion that I really like.
2) Homemade toothpaste
3) Hair Conditioner
4) Cooking-I'm hearing of endless possibilities!
5) Homemade deodorant
6) Body wash

How do you use EVCO?  I know this works for me, and I'd love to hear how it's working for you!!  Linking up with Kristen.

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