Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love that it's finally back in the 60s today.  It had gotten too warm and muggy for January.  Ugh.  Let's wait til March, ok?

I love that Jacob is at my house.  He makes it all so much more fun (and sometimes bearable!).  He's on the right.  Jason couldn't make it this time. 

 I love how sweet my babies are together these days.  It's wonderful!

My friends have gotten me hooked on the movie Pitch Perfect.  Darn you!  Hilarious.  And just slightly reminiscent of high school and college.  Oh dear.  Songfest 2005 lives on I guess!

I'm loving spending time in this book every morning.  Very eye opening and a great way to start my day with my Bible time.

 Messina Hof is one of my favorite wine labels.  They have come out with a special Texas A&M label, which of course I must have.  Duh.  Here's hoping to come away with a few bottles over the next few weekends since I've suddenly had several reasons to travel to the Promised Land.  Love!!

I love this week's blessings:
23rd: An evening at home to sleep and work on precious baby clothes for a shower.
25th: Sweet conversations with dear friends
26th: Kim's shower was so fun, and then I had a great time with David and Laura at dinner
27th: Three of my 8th graders confided GRAND HUGE plans they have to serve our Father, and I can't wait to watch this unfold.  Join me in praying for them, would you? 
28th: Jacob came!!!
29th: Impromptu trip to Galveston.  :)

I love my Jesus!

What are you loving?

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