Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love that Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time are both back on Sunday evenings with all new episodes. Other than the news, this is all I watch, so it's a treat to have new episodes.  Woohoo!

I love the way 2013 has started:
1st-Skiing and visiting with friends
2nd-First UK game at Rupp and visit with family
3rd-Horse loving and gun shooting
4th-Aggies won the Cotton Bowl
5th-Tried my first Dunkin' Donut (wasn't impressed, but I can check it off my list)
6th-The Holy Spirit knocked me off my feet at church...this is going to get good, if not slightly painful.
7th-I was asked to take on a new role at work for next year.  I'm still thinking about it, but it's nice to be thought of so highly.
8th-Thought I'd get to work my first cross country meet today, but it was rained out.  However, the rain brought in a rouge duck (hey, rainy days make it a great day to be a duck!) to our back yard, which just thrilled my duck munching chi.  Oh, heavens, the barking and growling.  What a hoot! 

I love these recent gifts from Loft:

I love having my birthday in January when it comes to freebies.  All these places send me loyalty gift cards and coupons, plus they still have on their after-Christmas sales, so on Monday I snagged all of the following from Vera Bradley for less than $3:

I got two of these.
Then, I snagged 7 Godiva triffles for less than $2.50.  Yum!

I also have a birthday coupon for a Pizza Hut delivery and $30 to spend at Benihana's if I can make it to one before the month is over.  I also grabbed a free green tea lemonade on Monday from Starbucks for my birthday.  Ten Thousand Villages also sent me a coupon, but my teacher discount is better.  If anyone wants the code for it, let me know.  Whoop!

I love that the rodeo line up is now out.  I'm not sure which tickets I'll end up with yet, but I'm willing to go to about 12 of these this year.  I love rodeo season.

I'm always loving my Jesus!

What are you loving?

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Rachel Easley said...

Just started watching Downton Abbey and I am hooked. Guess I should watch the first 2 seasons!! Oh I love snow skiing. We just went a few weekend ago and had a blast. It's so much fun. You should give Dunkin Donuts another chance. Haha. I love that place. Their flavored iced coffees are super yummy and I love the blueberry donuts. Happy Wednesday!

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a great start to the year!! The Aggies looked awesome in the Cotton Bowl...that Johnny Football is something else!

Visiting from WILW!


Amy Powell said...

I keep wanting to drag my husband to the houston rodeo... always had fun as a kid going!

and yeah the Cotton Bowl was pretty great!

have a great day :)

Ashleigh Day said...

Sounds like a great start to the new year.

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