Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vision 2013

Vision is one of my most favorite events in on UBC's calendar each year.  Last year was our first year to host, and we had another family join in the hosting fun whose mom had grown up and led with me in the past.  Woohoo for more disciples growing up to make new disciples.  I love it!

Apparently I am just super cool, and the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls had a knock-down, drag out battle trying to get placed in our house for Vision.  Kyle, our youth minister, promised that the largest group could come to our house.  He never expected them to take him so seriously-the 6th grade girls were dead set and determined to come to the Ozingas for Vision.  They recruited NINETEEN girls-wow!  While my house is plenty big, 19 is way too many girls for one poor college kid to engage during Bible study times.  They were split into two groups, and to keep it fair, they were given to different host homes.  I couldn't help but laugh at them while they pouted.  Those 6th grade girls had a blast at their respective host homes though, and I don't think they suffered one bit.  They are looking forward to pool parties and Sunday school sleepovers soon though.

We were blessed with the presence of the 8th grade girls this weekend.  Rose was our leader again, and I spent the weekend in nothing short of a euphoric state.  Eh, ok, some of that was exhaustion, but God answered months worth of prayers, and the Holy Spirit was guiding all that happened.

We had so much fun playing, working at the Crisis Pregnancy Center along with the 8th grade boys, and worshiping together.  The person who decided to have a photo booth at church this weekend is a genius.  FUN!  I loved knowing that there were people sleeping in all five bedrooms in my house.  The dogs were in Heaven with all of the attention.  The weather was gorgeous. Rose and I had fun catching up and talking-she is precious and I love her!  God worked and touched and was made known.
Hand games that I used to play!

Attack of the Aggie Belle tongue!
Friday Night Worship
Gladsome Light
Ashlynn, Sabrina, and Rachel making sample bags for new mamas.
Rachel and Ashlynn mopping at CPC.
Bekah, Jamie, Rose, Simon, and I don't remember marking Bibles for the counselors.  :)
Courtney sweeping.

Savannah and Sarah cleaning bathrooms.
Akiko sweeping.
Savannah and me cleaning the childcare room.
Saturday's family dinner

One benefit of 10 14 year olds?  Awesome hair-dos!!

Ashlynn, Rachel P., Rachel D., Isaac, me, Courtney, Savannah, Akiko, Rose, Sarah, Jamie, Sabrina, Bekah
I love working with youth, and anyone who says these youth events are just for the kids is incredibly mistaken.  God will speak through anyone and anything if we let Him.  Greg Bradford is an amazing youth pastor from Dallas, and the message he brought might have been aimed at encouraging teens to make changes in their lives to make a difference for Christ, but the Holy Spirit convicted me and taught me too.

God has taught me how to worship Him in many different ways over the years.  Gladsome Light led us in worship, and I like them!  Actually, Saturday marked my 16th birthday as a Believer (I was saved at a youth event similar to Vision), so this weekend was extra special in worship.  There was a lot to praise God for bringing me through and teaching me.  I've learned how to forget the crowd, become lost in music, and see Christ face to face, feel His hands in mind, and just be, enjoying His presence.  It's a beautiful thing. 

Can I tell you how totally and completely passionate I am about today's teenagers?  Oh, they make me crazy sometimes, but their love of our Savior and their willingness to follow Him is incredible. These kids are facing pressures from school, family, and the world to be bigger and better than ever before, and yet, with encouragement and discipleship training, I am seeing them defeat Satan's challenges and stand for Christ each and every day.  They aren't perfect, but God is driving their hearts in the right direction, and I am so incredibly humbled to watch them.  I am blessed and amazed that so many want me to be apart of what God is doing in their lives.  They challenge me to be a better woman and mentor.  They force me to raise my standards and think outside of the box so that I grew more deeply in Christ and can help provide them with opportunities to grow and serve as well.  The joy of being the hands and feet with them is beautiful.

I don't know how many more years I have to be seen as 'cool' and 'hip' in the eyes of these teenagers. It's amazing to me that even the popular cheerleaders think I'm just everything and a bag of chips.  If only!   I don't know how much longer they are going to want to come to me, want to pour out their hearts to me.  I do know that I'm going to take advantage of every one of these incredibly moments God wants to grant me.  I'm going to be available and open and willing to listen.  I will pray for them and love them regardless of their choices and then guide them.  They need that, and I can give them that, so for however long they want me, I am here.  I am so blessed and so grateful for all God is using me to do. 

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