Thursday, January 3, 2013

1st Home UK Basketball Game

I jokingly said I made my first pilgrimage to Mecca Mecca, that is.  I was born in Paducah, Kentucky and grew up bleeding blue.  I've mentioned before just how incredibly close I was to becoming a Wildcat instead of an Aggie.  I adore being an Aggie and wouldn't change that for the world, but there is something about being in a sea of blue that thrills me to the bone.  My parents faithfully took us to every UK game that came our way in Texas, but those were few and way too far in between.  Last night, I finally, eight days short of it taking me 28 years, made it to Rupp Arena for my first UK home game. 

My cousin/friend (take your pick, we'll claim both) Bethany lives in Cincinnati because she's brilliant and is in this amazing doctoral research program at UC.  She's also a born and bred blue-bleeder, so twisting her arm into coming to the game with us took a grand total of 2.1 seconds.  My aunt Donna lives in Lexington, and we tried to talk her into going to the game too, but she was able.  However, she graciously begged and pleaded with the four of us (there were boys on this trip, but this was really a girls' trip in disguise, so they didn't count...ha) to crash her amazing house and fill her up with hugs.  Oh, having 24 hours of family from Kentucky while being in Kentucky filled up this heart of mine to bursting!  If only we could've had Donna's daughter, my mom, and Bethany's mom, life would've been a perfect bubble.  See what I mean here.

Bethany has been to many UK games in her lifetime, and she made the perfect tour guide.  The Cats played East Michigan University, so we blew them away 90 to 38.  While it was nice to simply take in my surroundings and enjoy the game, I'd like to go back when we play a more worthy opponent and really see the stadium come to life while the team's in a bind.  And, once again, I have to give the UK cheerleaders kudos for always keeping it classy!

Alumni Band

We stuck around and listen to a few radio interviews with the team before heading to Aunt Donna's.  Once there we visited with her old neighbors Missy, Mike, Chase, and Chelsea who I hadn't seen in 13 years.  It was such a treat to laugh and joke and let Isaac and Jacob hang out with people I adore.  Don made it home after a poker game, and we watched Louisville beat up on Florida at the Sugar Bowl.  Crazy!  We had to head home after breakfast this morning.  The trip was too short, but it was wonderful!

I love my family, and I love UK.  I'm so grateful to have seen Coach Cal and the boys in person at Rupp.  Happy early birthday to me!

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