Tuesday, January 15, 2013

28th Birthday

I love birthdays!  I enjoy sending cards to people on their special day, figuring out unique presents to give, and praying for God to grant wisdom in the coming year.  Thursday was my special day, and boy, was I spoiled!  My students showered me in chocolate, jewelry, and the sweetest gifts of words I've ever received.  Dinner at Killen's was incredibly tasty!  Mom and I spread the birthday lovin' into Saturday with lunch and a fabulous shopping day.  Woohoo!  Then, tonight, five of my sweet friends joined me at Melting Pot for dinner and precious fellowship.  It is good to be so loved, and I thank God daily for the fabulous people in my life.
My birthday loot!
Shelley, Leighann, Michelle, me, Kathleen, and Kim (plus baby Isaac).

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