Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from Perfect North!

Happy New Year, everyone!  2013 started off quite the right way for me.  I haven't been snow skiing in nearly 9 years, but I decided to brave Perfect North and get comfy on skis again.  I'll be honest: I was scared as heck driving to Indiana today, but what I had learned 9 years ago came back quickly.  It's crazy how that happens.  I'm by no means a great skier after two days total on the slopes, but I certainly enjoyed myself, and I had a great time bonding with Jacob!  I ran blue runs the whole day though, so falls and all, I'm so proud of myself.  For a gal with an extreme, ridiculous fear of heights and uncontrolled speeds, I conquered a lot of that today.  That makes for a super successful day in my book!  Oh, and the fact that half the winter gear I own is youth size totally rocks.  Do you realize how much money that saves?! 

Here's what I vow to do to for any future children that ever come into my care: we will go skiing when you are little bitty.  I will put you in ski school, and you will learn when you are little and haven't yet had the opportunity to learn fear of something that should be so fun.  We will practice these things and build your confidence so you can choose as an adult if this is a hobby you want to pursue with confidence!  Lack of desire can keep you from it if you want, but not fear!  I promise!

We ended the day having dinner with our dear friends Mark and Anna.  I so wish they lived closer because our time with them is precious and always incredibly too brief!

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