Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love that it's been in the 40s the past three days.  I'm always ready for beach weather, but this has been a treat regardless.

I love this week's blessings:
9th: Praying with other teacher's over our school
10th: my birthday-see yesterday's post  :)
11th: Precious time praying over two pregnant friends
12th: AMAZING day with my mom AND my dear friends Heather and Joe welcomed baby Makayla.  I think this warrants a trip to Colorado.
13th: Back to singing and bell rehearsals and incredibly Sunday School time with my middle schoolers
14th: A beautiful day at school teaching about Africa (there might be a lot of these in the next several weeks)
15th: Girls' Night Out at Melting Pot for my birthday
16th: This won't happen until tonight, but the host homes for Vision find out who is coming to their homes this weekend.  I can't wait!!

I need to do some major book posts soon, but I'm loving all of the books I've read this past semester by Davis Bunn.

I love that my house will be full of teenage girls seeking the Lord this weekend.  What a treat!
 I love my Jesus!

What are you loving this week?

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wide open spaces said...

Visiting from WILW! Oooo the melting pot sounds wonderful!! And 40 degrees! It has been in the 30's here and I am freezing! I could really use the 75-80 weather!
XO Brooke
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