Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celebration 2013

Friday night was our family's annual trip to FBC Houston's Celebration.  You can read about '09-'12 here.  Mom, Dad, David, and Laura met Isaac and me for dinner at Kenny and Ziggy's before the celebration.  I don't know how I've lived in Houston the vast majority of my life without a meal there, but we will be back.  Yum!

In honor of Old Testament 7th year Sabbath, there won't be a Celebration next year.  As sad as that makes me, I completely respect FBC's decision and think it'll be great for the cast and crew to rest next year.  However, they did not scale down this year before their sabbatical!  

The first act is always full of contemporary elements of Christmas celebrations.  This year they took us on an excursion of Tinseltown classics from Holiday Inn to Elf.  We saw Charlie Brown, all the claymation classics, Home Alone, and the Grinch! The Rockettes and the Polar Express visited too.  There were smiles everywhere!
 White Christmas wrapped Act 1 with a snow shower (of bubbles)!  We were covered in our particular seats.  Mom was absolutely tickled by this!  We all were, really.

Act 2 is full of beautiful music of Christmas.  This year had a Celtic theme which I just loved.  The dancing and drums were amazing, and I wish they allowed video.  Just, wow!

Act 3 doesn't change much from year to year, and maybe that's why it's my favorite.  Isaiah foretells the coming of Jesus, and then the Israelites beg God for a sign that He hasn't forgotten them.  The next we know, Jesus is born, and angels are little filling the entire building from floor to ceiling.  It's awesome!  Simeon sees baby Jesus and knows that God has not forgotten His people.

My favorite part each year is when our pachyderm friend Page makes her grand entrance with the Magi coming to visit the toddler King.  Page had a prior engagement this year, so FBC found some great substitutes: a lion cub, baby zebra, an ape, and two camels.  Who knows what all the Magi brought with them in their entourages to see little Jesus, so this didn't seem odd to me to dream.  My true love language is the 6th one Dr. Chapman didn't write about-animals.  To have them literally 2 feet from me as we were worshiping the coming Christ about did me in.  Alleluia!

The rest of Act 3 goes through the life of Jesus from His miracles to death and resurrection.  We're reminded each year that the manger means nothing without the cross.  Salvation comes through great sacrifice and even greater love.  Thank You, Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

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