Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Walk Through Bethlehem 2013

Monday night we met two of our dear families of friends for dinner at Chuy's (yum!!!!) and then went over to a local church for a walk through Bethlehem.  My family went to this church when I was small, and I always loved participating in recreating Bethlehem for the community.  It's so fun now to go as an adult and see it through the eyes of our friends' children.  The event has grown to not just include live animals, Roman soldiers, a few era appropriate 'merchants', and of course the manger, but wedding feasts, magi, many more interactive merchants, and a well rehearsed story teller who clearly shared the story of Jesus.  So much fun!
Goat cheese maker
Almond candy makers
Papyrus maker
Fresh produce market
Fluffy Chickens!!
We found the Baby!

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