Saturday, December 8, 2012

Celebration 2012

I blog about this experience every year (2009, 2010, 2011) and every year, Celebration just gets better and better.  This year included some high flying acrobats and wall dancers.  Now, before you turn into a pessimist like some I know, hear me out.  FBC has one purpose in Celebration: to pull in people to hear the Hope of Christ.  The entire cast has one united heart in this, and I have no doubt that they use their talents for the glory of God and not themselves.  Was the night of Jesus' birth this elaborate?  No.  But was there the same energy, anticipation, and joy in the air?  I guarantee it.  So, if the members of FBC want to use their acrobatic talents and sweet Paige, my elephant friend, to share my Lord with our city, then go for it. 



Royal entourage arriving


Kings from afar.

He lives.

Gregg Matte.  I'm grateful for this man's dedication to live boldly for Christ.  He's influenced me much in 9 1/2 years.

Each year, I tend to giggle with glee and smile more and more throughout the show.  I bought us tickets on the front row so Paige and the donkey would be so close I could touch them if I chose too.  Um, six inches from an elephant?!  YES, PLEASE!  I am so glad this has become an annual Pearce Family Advent tradition.  October 19th is on my 2013 calendar to go buy tickets for next year.

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