Monday, July 5, 2010

Zambian Birthdays

In Zambia, it is a tradition for friends and family to dump a bucket of water on the head of the birthday person. I think I like cake, singing, and blowing out candles better, but traditions are traditions! Today is Barbara's birthday. She is the team leader of the group from Georgia, and a good friend of Sandra's, the VP of ACE. (Nanny, you're coming with me next time. If Barbara can do it, you certainly can!). Anyway, the kids at House of Martha had pizza, soda, and cookies to celebrate their Aunt Barbara's birthday. Tonight, we had a wonderful dinner and then her favorite of ice cream and cookies. Barbara thought she had managed to go all day without a surprise bath, until dessert time. As Banda lit the candle in her ice cream, Christine, one of our AMAZING house staff, came in with a bucket on top of her head. We all watched Barbara cringe and smile, trying to be a good sport, as a bucket full of soft baby toys dumped over her head! Christine knew how to do it just right! Way to go!

P.S. Somewhere, one of the team has some cool pictures of me reading to a throng of kids in the play house fort today. I'll try and track them down soon.

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