Friday, July 2, 2010

Cute Stories

In Zambia, any weather below 80 degrees is considered at least 'cool'. Personally, I think I'm practically in heaven with highs in the low 70s and lows in the uppers 40s. However, I have not stopped hearing, "Laura, do you have on stockings?" "Laura, don't forget your stockings!" and other similar comments before going outside. I just have to smile. It's nice being loved.

"Uh-oh" is apparently universal. Aggie pulled off her sock, held it out to me, and said, "Uh-oh". One little boy rolled a ball under a crib and exclaimed, "Uh-oh!" When the beginning walkers fall down, they say, "Uh-oh!" When someone pulls off his/her pants, an "uh-oh" is heard. It's so gosh darn adorable!

Teeny tiny baby twin boy "H" was as awake and alert today as I've yet to see him. I liked hearing his meowing cry. The boy is strong, too! He would not let go of my finger for anything. I need to take a picture of just how small his hands and his sisters' hands are.

This afternoon we went to House of Martha to hang out, but the kids didn't care that we were there; the World Cup game was on TV! Soccer is just more important than visitors sometimes. :)

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