Sunday, July 11, 2010

Highland Baptist

I finally made it to church at Highland Baptist today. The building is new, but this is the same congregation Zambian Acapella Boys Choir, and therefore my brothers, came from as little boys. It was pure pleasure to be with the folks that helped bring them up spiritually and turn them into the men they are today.

My friend Chembo also goes to church at Highland and she graciously took lots of pictures of the service and even some video so that I can show everyone at home my other 'family'. Chembo also translated the service as the pastor only knows Nyanja and I only know a few words of it. 224 people were in the service this morning, and everywhere I turned I was receiving hugs and smiles. Of course, I ended up with a few small children in my lap at various times, but that just seems normal around here. The little girl I held was dear Matthias' Denise. She's a doll, but I'm still in shock we're all grown up enough now that some of us have kids! What happened to running around the back yard with a soccer ball and basketball?

The guys singing
Zac, Obrien, Geoffry, Kelvin, Frank, Kennedy, Me, Martin, Matthias

After church, we all headed to lunch at Arcades for chicken and chips. Yum, yum! On my next trip to Zambia, I'll make sure that the first 7/8 of the trip aren't when the guys are out of town. We had so much fun, and I'm glad Chembo got to join us!

Chembo with me at Arcades

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